Monday, November 3, 2008

Nothing is Ever Simple...

Work on the new countertops has begun! One side of the kitchen is installed and after the sink goes back in, the small piece will go in between the stove and fridge. It is going to be pretty!

That said, no project seems to be without its setbacks. First thing we realized is that the designer didn't order a side splash for the end of the counter against the wall. So for about a week, we'll have a lovely piece of damaged sheet rock to look at until the piece comes in.

The other problem (that the designer failed to tell us about) is that the backsplash on the new counter is about an inch shorter than the old one. So there's about a one inch gap between the paint line and the new backsplash. A new project! Guess I'll be painting soon!

I'll post pictures when we get things put back together. I do like it and the problems are easy fixes. I'll have something to do while I'm off tomorrow! Stay tuned!

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angela | the painted house said...

New countertops! That is exciting! Hope you haven't been too long without your kitchen.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. Gatlinburg is a blast, isn't it?