Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The New Kitchen...

The countertops are in! Stan the Man finished them up this afternoon and what a transformation! Here are some pictures (keep in mind I haven't painted around the top of the backsplash):
Now that we've got the countertops in, we're getting ready to change the hardware on the cabinet doors and drawers to better suit the new look. We lucked out on this one. Derek was looking at handles at work when the kitchen designer showed him a box of handles that she was trying to get rid of. $1 each. And there were 24 of them--we need 20 for the kitchen, and the other 4 are just enough for the bathrooms. They weren't my first choice, but the one that Derek brought home looks really nice, so he's bringing the rest home tomorrow. Here's what we're getting:

Meanwhile, Derek is beside himself because he coordinated this whole project so well. I have to give the guy credit. He picked out the new floor, the new counters, AND the new hardware and picked something I like. He did well!

Since its too late to paint, I fixed up some new rooster pictures. I got the frames at Dollar Tree Saturday morning and the pictures were ones that I actually printed off the Internet. I changed them from color to black and white, printed them out, and put them in frames.
Not bad for only $2. I haven't exactly found a home for these yet, but I'm sure I'll find a place for them in somewhere in the kitchen.

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