Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A New Project...

I'm back!  I know its been a very long while since my last post, but we've had internet issues and have been very busy since the G-Man started playing Upwards Basketball.  The season is over now, so hopefully I'll have a moment to stop and take a breath!
The beginning of Spring has me thinking lately about new projects. There's one that I've been contemplating all winter ( I hadn't started since the garage was just too cold, and working inside was out of the question since spray paint is involved!).
A few months ago, I saw something over on Susie's blog, Bienvenue, that caught my eye. Actually, just about everything on her blog catches my eye-she's very talented! But this eye-catching thing was something that I thought I could recreate myself (I'm not nearly as talented as Susie!).  A coat rack:
Isn't it pretty?   So I'm thinking that maybe I could make something similar for my house.  I have a scrap of moulding, but I still need some beadboard and either hooks or knobs.  I'm thinking of going with hooks. Something like these:
So now that the weather's warmer and I have a little more time, I think I'll start looking around for the rest of the supplies and make myself a coat rack. 
What projects have you been putting off?