Thursday, July 30, 2009

Spruced Up Laundry Room...

Laundry is never a fun chore, and when your laundry room is dreary, it makes the job even worse. My laundry room-or closet, actually-is not the prettiest part of our house. It is quite utilitarian, and was in dire need of some sprucing up. It is right off the dining room, and a room that I see on a daily basis. Why shouldn't it be pretty?
I would love to paint the walls, but I can't get the washer and dryer out myself. I had a great chance last year when the water heater sprung a leak and everything was moved out of there, but we were too focused on getting the mess dried up and new flooring put in to think about paint. So I'm having to rely on some smaller ways of making that room less of a dungeon.

The first way is by putting things in pretty containers. Now mind you that I'm on a sort of self-imposed decorating spending freeze (at least until the end of August when I get a paycheck again!), so I'm not spending any money for this job. Last month, when we cleaned out the garage, I found a box of Mason jars on one of the shelves. I thought one of them would be great for holding my Clorox 2 powder. I use a pretty sugar spoon to scoop it out.
I also found a metal container to hold my clothespins and a blue Dollar Tree bin for cleaning cloths and odds & ends. I pared down some of the cleaning supplies, moving some of the less-often-used to the garage.
Then I made this:
It was very easy. I took a scrap piece of plywood from the garage, painted it red, then used Lindsay's newspaper transfer method to apply the letters. They got painted gold, and hangers put on the back. Took me less than an hour.
It still may not be as pretty as I'd like, but even the little things make one of my daily chores a little more bearable.


Finding Home said...

There is nothing more that I love than a laundry room makeover. Can I just say that I collect fruit jars and have been looking all over for a star jar. Love how you've used yours!

Diane said...

Looking at your laundry room makeover gave me an idea for sprucing up my drab laundry room.