Friday, July 24, 2009

"Tray" magnifique...

Mom kept the kids for me yesterday while I went to get my hair cut, and she told me to "take my time" getting back. Far be it from me to not mind my mother, so I took the chance to visit a little thrift shop in her town. I found another small silver tray (50 cents) and a wood tray that I've been looking for ($1). It was plain, and a little shorter than I would have liked, but for a buck-I can live with it!

As usual, I forgot to take a before picture, but it is like this (only shorter):I took it out to the garage and gave it a coat of cream colored spray paint (Do It Best-Sand). I must tell you, my family was astounded that I didn't use black! Between you and me, I think I did the off-white just to throw them off a little.
We have a few projects planned for the weekend, too. I'm trying to finish the project that I alluded to here, and The Megster has decided that she wants to build a birdhouse. So The Hubby and I are donning our Bob the Builder hats and tool belts for a busy weekend!

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