Tuesday, July 12, 2011

#ilovethrifting Day...

In case you missed it, Saturday was the 1st (hopefully annual!)I Love Thrifting Day. The brainchild of Rashon Carraway, better known as Mr. Goodwill Hunting, it was a day for celebrating frugality and creativity that thrifting affords. Shoppers across the country, from Charlotte to the West Coast participated. Since there wasn't a local "I Love Thrifting" group in my hometown, I was on my own. And it turned out to be a good thrifting day for me!

There are a couple of Goodwills here, and I hit them both. Usually I am looking for things for the house when I thrift, but this time I decided to peruse the clothes too. And it wasn't long until I found something I'd been wanting-a denim jacket. Only $5!

Just a couple minutes later, I found a winter coat for the G-Man. Nearly new except for a missing hood, which is okay, since my little guy likes wearing toboggan hats instead. The really nice thing about this is that it is two coats in one. The lighter jacket zips out of the shell, so it can be worn 3 ways: the lighter jacket, the medium weight shell, or together. And a steal at $3!

Later I went to our other GW and snagged this pair of like-new jeans for $3. Can't tell that they've ever been worn.

Two jackets and a pair of jeans for $11. Not a bad day!

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