Monday, September 7, 2009

Yard Sale Find...

This past weekend I got to experience a yard sale like I've never seen. Imagine 22 miles of non-stop yard sales, all along one country highway. Now, I know this pales in comparison to the annual US 127 yard sale that stretches through several states, but for those of us close enough to shop the East 80 Yard Sale, it's an amazing experience! I didn't get to shop the entire yard sale (I would need a LOT more money to shop with!), but I did see some interesting stuff. I'm tellin' ya, there was something for everyone.
I did come home with one thing that I've been scouting around for. For months now, I've been looking for just the right chair to rehab. I finally found one, for only $7! Here she is:

I'll touch up the paint, but it will remain black. The seat will have to go, though. I'm going out tomorrow to find a piece of fabric that will coordinate with my living room colors, taupe, brown, and paprika red. When its finished, it will be our new chair for the computer desk.

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mymonkeyhill said...

Don't you love when a chair sings to you? Congrats on your find.

Maggie B said...

Here in France yard sales are non existant.
Imagine the trouble I would get up to in 22 miles!!
Looking forward to seeing the chair when it's finished.
a bientot
Maggie @ Normandy Life

Gail said...

Wow....I enjoyed your blog. What a transformation on your kitchen cabinets. Love how they turned out. I wish I had a Hobby Lobby in my area but unfortunately we don't. From what I've seen in different blogs, you can defintely finds some good deals there. Can't wait to see the chair when you're done with it. I love chair re-do's.