Sunday, September 13, 2009

A Nice Surprise...

Don't you just love when you find something perfect that you didn't even know you were looking for? Saturday afternoon, after taking the kids to feed the ducks at McHargue's Mill, we went over to the flea market.  After checking out the vendors inside, we went around back where there are tables set up. Usually, we don't even venture out there, but let me tell you, we found out yesterday that that is where the interesting stuff is!  Much better than inside.  The very first set of tables we walked by had all sorts of old stuff, and right away, something caught my eye. I had remembered seeing an article in Country Living Magazine not long ago that featured a woman in Connecticut who had a collection of antique rug beaters adorning her stairwell walls. They were so pretty, all their different shapes and designs.  So when I saw two antique rug beaters, one with a green handle and one with red, laying on the flea market table, I knew I had to have it.
After striking up a conversation with the lovely older couple running the booth, I asked how much it was. "$12".   Not too bad, but a little high for me. I put it back down and decided to think about it. Now I'm not a good negotiator, you see. I hate it when the price on the tag is not the actual price. So instead of trying to negotiate, I just put it back and walked on down the aisle. Imagine my surprise when about 10 minutes later, while waiting for the kids at a toy booth, my husband appears, holding the rug beater, purchased for $8. 
I wasted no time hanging it up when I got home. I love the design, and I've realized that its not only decorative, but it could actually be useful. Since I already have a mechanical contraption to clean my rugs, it could really come in handy for keeping my husband in line! 


Mandi @ Finding Home said...

Hahaha, you had me chuckeling with the idea of using your rug beater to keep your hubby in line. I remember that article from Country Living and tend to think of it each time I see a rug beater. Are you planning on collecting more to make a display like the article?

Dixie Sargent Redmond said...

I have a rug beater just like that hanging on my wall that came out of my granddad's barn. I love it. :-)