Sunday, September 6, 2009

Cornered in...

One corner of the dining room has long been a thorn in my side. It is quite small, and is in a high traffic area, so furnishing it has been a challenge. Not quite big enough for a desk or chest, but big enough that without something, it looked too empty. Last week, my mom surprised me with something that fit perfectly...her green bench.
She got this bench several years ago from a catalog that I brought home from work. It didn't cost much at all, less than $20 if I remember correctly. She had it in her guest room, but moved it out last week while decluttering. She asked me if I wanted it, and of course, I said yes. What kind of daughter would I be to refuse Mom's castoffs? As soon as she offered it to me, I knew where it would go-that problem corner.
I found the red pillow at JCPenney for only $7.99, and the rooster pillow was another gift from Mom (she found it at Cracker Barrel). The baskets were laying around the house.

Fills that corner just perfectly!

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