Sunday, August 24, 2008

A thrifting we will go...

I had a pretty good day thrifting this afternoon. While Derek kept the kids at home, I got out for some "mommy time" on my own. My first stop (which is also my new favorite place) was Vendor's Mall. You never know what you'll find at VM! This time, I found this footed milkglass bowl for only $3. It now sits on my bathroom vanity and holds our contact lens cases.

My next stop was the Dollar Tree. I went in search of these pumpkins that Susie over at Bienvenue found at the DT in her neighborhood. The only ones I found at my store were styrofoam. Oh, before you start to feel sorry for me, look what else I found to console myself..
this easel for one of my favorite pictures of the kids:

and this candleholder and candle that sits next to my newest rooster plate.
I got the rooster plate last month at the Bread of Life Cafe in Liberty, Kentucky. We went again yesterday and I picked up this one:
Liberty, Kentucky is situated in some of the most beautiful country about an hour away from us. There is a rather sizeable Amish and Mennonite community there, and we love to shop at a few of their shoppes. This time, we went to Sunny Valley general store, Zimmerman's cheese shop, and an Amish roadside produce stand. We're planning on going back in a couple of weeks, and hopefully we'll bring back some of their beautiful mums, ready for Fall planting.

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Buzzings of a Queen Bee! said...

Great finds! Why does this always put me in the mood to go shopping too??