Friday, August 1, 2008

Breakfast of champions...

For some odd reason, unbeknownst to me, I've been cooking a lot more than usual. Now, normally, I don't enjoy cooking that much. I do like to bake, but everyday cooking is more Derek's thing than mine (he's a great cook!). But this week, I've found myself in the kitchen making things like fried chicken and lasagna. My husband has been especially pleased by this sudden turn of events, although it isn't sure to last, since Monday marks the beginning of school and the end of my summer vacation.

This morning I awoke to discover that we were not only out of all three cereals, but we also had no cinnamon rolls in the fridge either. What is a girl to do? Then the idea hit me...I could make biscuits and gravy. Now, I know some of you out there are are healthy, organic, no fried/processed/laden-with-fat eaters. In that case you're sure to be disappointed with my breakfast choice this morning. However, for me, it isn't just that I really love biscuits and gravy, its that it brings up fond childhood memories.

My grandmother used to make biscuits and gravy for us when we'd come to Kentucky for a visit every summer (we lived in Michigan at the time). I remember tearing each biscuit into little bite sized pieces and smothering it in her sausage gravy. Mmmmm. Imagine my delight when local restaurants started serving b & g, the local Dairy Queen being my favorite. Whenever Derek says he's going to get us breakfast on Saturday mornings, I always hope for DQ.

A few years ago, my mom found something in the store that would change my breakfast-making life forever:
There it is. The mix that DQ uses for their heavenly gravy. And now it can be mine. Whenever I want, even if I sleep past 10:30 (like that ever happens).

So this morning, when a bit of domesticity overtook me, I found myself in the kitchen, pulling out the baking mix and heating up the oven. I actually made biscuits from semi-scratch. Well, at least they didn't come out of a can or were frozen. Here's proof:

Look how pretty they turned out...
Now this is a matter of some excitement for me, since my biscuits usually turn out like rocks.
And here's the finished product...come to mama...

Totally not low-fat, totally not low-carb, and not even close to organic. But totally yummy!

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