Monday, July 21, 2008

Yard sale-ing...

Meghann and I went yard sale-ing and thrifting Saturday morning. We had a great time together. We visited a few yard sales, the Goodwill store, our local Vendor's Mall flea market, and even had breakfast out at our favorite breakfast spot, Dairy Queen. I didn't find too many treasures, but I did find a few pieces of Milkglass. And I only spent $7.50.

I found the plate at a yard sale (I sorta wish I 'd gotten the matching, bigger plate to go with it), and the urn at Vendor's Mall.

This compote dish also came from Vendor's Mall.
I'm excited about next weekend. Its the once-a-month antique sale downtown. Maybe I'll find some treasures there!


Sarah said...

I found you through Bless our Nest and wanted to say hello. I love your milkglass finds. The Nashville Flea Market is this weekend and I am hoping to score with some great pieces.

Christy said...

I found you through Nesting In Pleasant View (my sister's blog). I just read your blog about your first tassel purchase. I bought my first one this week as well and it looks a lot like yours! Mine is a start as well. Don't you just love The Nester?