Sunday, July 31, 2011

The Easiest Pillow You Will Ever Make...

When we changed the wall color in the master bedroom several months ago, I had to get rid of the red throw pillow that was on the bed. I looked around, but, being the very frugal gal that I am, couldn't find a coordinating pillow that wasn't too expensive. After seeing a post by House of Hepworths I decided that 1) it was definitely frugal, and 2) it was easy enough that I could do it!
  I don't have "before" or "during" photos, but really, it is so simple that you can do this without pictures to go by!
I found my pillowcase at Burlington in Lexington for only $1.99.  I ripped out the seam on the bottom corner of the placemat with my seam ripper and then stuffed it with polyfil. Then I stitched up the hole.  Easy peasy!

Allison has all the photos and step-by-steps over at House of Hepworths.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

A Country Photo Frame...

So, I'm perusing the pins on Pinterest the other day, when I spotted this cute photo station:

I thought it was too cute, and looked simple enough that maybe even I could make one like it. And, I am happy to report, I have done it! Now, mine probably isn't built as well as Talia's, but it is good enough for me!

First, you start with some old moulding that has been in the garage for who-knows-how-long:

You get your hubby to cut them to length with his circular saw (because the circular saw is the one power tool that kinda scares you) and then miter the corners with your new miter box and saw (that you bought because it was $8, rather than $150 for the power compound miter saw that is now on your birthday wish list):

Then you recut the last piece of moulding because you got the angles mixed up again. This will also make your frame smaller than you intended. Oh well... Nail them together with your handy-dandy nail gun. Then add some eye hooks:

On the hooks, attach a length of jute on which to pin your photos:

I took my frame one step further and added some chicken wire to the back. Then all that was left was to pick out some photos to display!

Monday, July 18, 2011

Thrifty finds...

You know those days that you stop at the thrift store, hoping to find a diamond-in-the-rough treasure and instead walk out empty handed? Unfortunately that seems to happen most of the time for me. :(
However, a couple of weeks ago, I stopped in my Goodwill store and found not one, but two treasures-in-the-making!
The first I found was something that Miss M had just told me she wanted for her newly-redecorated room: a bulletin board. I'd been trying to figure how to do one, maybe with an old, big frame and some cork tiles. But laying there on the shelf at GW was one ready made. And a good deal at only $2.50. Its frame would have to be painted and the fabric replaced (or just removed), but much easier than making one!

So I picked up the bulletin board, which was enough to make my day, and walked over to the furniture. I have been looking for a chest to redo for Miss M's room (her's has a broken drawer), but instead found this:
 I was sure it would be perfect for the G-Man's room. Then I saw the price tag:
Then I KNEW it was coming home with me! I'd have to do some sanding and refinishing, but at that price, even if I messed it up worse and had to trash it I wasn't out much. 
I had to do quite a bit of sanding, and never did get the surface of the top completely smooth, but hey, its going in an almost 7-year-old's room, so its not going to stay pristine even if I could get it that way, right?
I decided to paint it the color of the top of the G-Man's bedroom walls, Rattan Palm by Porter. It got a couple of coats of Minwax Polycrylic
 and voila!

Perfect for a little guy and his Legos!

(*update on the bulletin board and Miss M's room redo coming soon!)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

#ilovethrifting Day...

In case you missed it, Saturday was the 1st (hopefully annual!)I Love Thrifting Day. The brainchild of Rashon Carraway, better known as Mr. Goodwill Hunting, it was a day for celebrating frugality and creativity that thrifting affords. Shoppers across the country, from Charlotte to the West Coast participated. Since there wasn't a local "I Love Thrifting" group in my hometown, I was on my own. And it turned out to be a good thrifting day for me!

There are a couple of Goodwills here, and I hit them both. Usually I am looking for things for the house when I thrift, but this time I decided to peruse the clothes too. And it wasn't long until I found something I'd been wanting-a denim jacket. Only $5!

Just a couple minutes later, I found a winter coat for the G-Man. Nearly new except for a missing hood, which is okay, since my little guy likes wearing toboggan hats instead. The really nice thing about this is that it is two coats in one. The lighter jacket zips out of the shell, so it can be worn 3 ways: the lighter jacket, the medium weight shell, or together. And a steal at $3!

Later I went to our other GW and snagged this pair of like-new jeans for $3. Can't tell that they've ever been worn.

Two jackets and a pair of jeans for $11. Not a bad day!