Thursday, July 22, 2010

Little birdies...

Stopped by the Dollar Tree yesterday after dropping Derek off at work and having breakfast at DQ with the kiddos. The kids were excited about spending their dollars, but I was even more excited about finding this:

I picked up 2 of them and was going to use them just the way they are, but being brown, they didn't really show up. So, of course, I thought about spray paint. Not so fast-the little clear votive cups were glued in. I really didn't want to paint over them, so I decided to brush on the paint. Since I couldn't find any craft paint in the color I wanted, I searched the garage for some old interior latex paint. I found some that we'd used to paint the G-Man's room a few years ago. To say that it had thickened up a bit is an understatement!
I put it on kinda thin at first, leaving a lot of the brown to show through.
I liked it, but thought I'd add a bit more paint.

I really like how they turned out!

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