Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Done painting (this room, anyway)...

The red is gone!  Wahoo!  I've been wanting to cover up that paint since about a month after we put it on. Don't get me wrong, I like red. Its just not the peaceful, serene color I wanted for our bedroom. 
It took a lot of convincing, but I finally talked the hubster into bringing home some more paint. He wasn't thrilled with the color; if it were left up to him, every room would be painted in a different bright, bold hue of the rainbow. I'm not opposed to color, but sometimes the eye needs a rest. So for our room I chose "Jute" by Porter (its the second from the top). The blue on the bottom is "Prussian Blue", which is the master bathroom color.
Now usually, when we paint, Derek does the cutting in and I do the rolling. However, since he was at work when I painted, I did everything on my own. And I must say I'm pleased with how it turned out. And to top it off, no smudges of paint on the ceiling!
(The color doesn't show well in these pictures. Trust me when I say its not nearly as green as it looks here!)

I also took the opportunity to make a few other small changes. First, I moved the bedside table on Derek's side of the bed (he doesn't really use it and hasn't missed it). Actually, it is just a tray table. In order to make it a round, I used a round piece of wood that Mom was about to throw out. She said it was the base of Dad's recliner (it had to be replaced when the chair was repaired), and was going to be thrown out unless I wanted it for something. It turned into the perfect table top!

I hung a shelf (also something Mom was getting rid of) to hold part of my teacup collection and some antique books.

I was going to change the drapes and comforter, but after seeing it with the new paint color, I've decided to keep it for now.
I am so pleased with the result. Our room is a calming spot where I can relax. What a difference paint makes!

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