Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Please hold...

Work on the master bath has stalled for a few days while we wait for the tile and sink to arrive.  Now, I'd describe the tile to you, but since I haven't seen it either, we'll all be surprised together when it gets here!  My husband has taken the role of interior designer, so he ordered it without me having seen a sample. Normally I'd be worried about what I was going to get, but he's done a bang-up job so far, so I'm sure it will be beautiful.  The sink is a chocolatey-brown granite-looking one that I think will look great with the blue paint.  But until they arrive (supposedly today) the project is on hold.

Meanwhile, the summery temperatures here have put me into gardening mode.   Last night I bought 2 double Knock-Out rose bushes and planted by the front porch, and potted 2 hanging baskets with purple wave petunias. They went on hanging brackets on the back deck.  And I couldn't resist the bright red New Guinea impatiens at the store either. They went on the deck as well.  We're not done though.  Derek brought home some pine tree seedlings his store gave away for Arbor Day. Those will have to go in the ground soon. All we need now is new chairs for the front porch to replace that old park bench, and I'll be ready for summer!

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