Sunday, September 14, 2008

A Sea of Blue...

Last Saturday, I got to experience my very first University of Kentucky football game (go Cats!). Derek and I got tickets from his boss and rode up with another man Derek works with and his wife. Now, I'd been to a UK basketball game years ago, but quickly found that this was a totally different experience.
I knew that many people tailgate before the games, but I sure didn't expect what I saw in the fields surrounding Commonwealth Stadium. When we rounded the corner on Alumni Drive, I saw what first appeared to be an enormous gypsy camp, except they were all wearing blue and were flying UK flags over their campers and RVs. I've never seen anything like it! Unfortunately, thanks to the horrible traffic, we were too late to partake in the tailgating festivities.
On the good side, we lucked out and had excellent seats. They were in a higher section than we initially thought they'd be, but we could see everything. The weather was perfect and the Cats ended up winning, 38-3. Not a bad way to spend a Saturday evening!

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Lula! said...

Because half my town are UK fans, and the other half are UT losers, I cheer for the Cats with pride. BUT...not when they play my beloved Georgia Bulldogs. Then all bets are off...during that game. Afterwards I return to liking UK. As we say in our family, "Anybody but Tennessee!"