Monday, November 29, 2010

Christmas Cards...

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Every Christmas, I look forward to the task of choosing and sending Christmas cards. Since I had children, I've always chosen photo cards, giving friends and family who live far away a chance to see how the kids have grown each year.  The other day, I started perusing the cards available, and after checking out a couple different sites, realized that many of the same designs were offered on both sites. Hmmm...I'd really like to see something different, something special. I found it as soon as I logged onto Shutterfly. There were so many designs and not a one of them was anything I'd seen anywhere else. Unfortunately, I had a hard time deciding! There were just too many gorgeous cards!
Not only did they have beautiful cards, but there are gifts as well. They can make a photo calendar (a great gift!). Having a holiday party? They have the invitations covered!
Get on over to and check it out!

For a limited time, you can receive 50 free Christmas cards from Shutterfly just for Blogging and Tweeting about their products.  Go to to register.  You'll be glad you did!

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