Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Got the G-Man's room done! Well, almost. We got the Board and Batten and the painting finished. And I am proud to say that I not only used a compound mitre saw for the first time (Loved it! Its now on my Christmas list!), but I also switched out an old putty colored outlet for a white one! And no sparks or smoke!
I still have curtains to fix (doing the canvas drop cloth kind) and a few "pretties". 
I'll post pics soon!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Laboring on Labor Day...

Well, I am happy to say that I am celebrating Labor Day weekend in a way worthy of its name: by laboring! I told y'all about the new project I had planned for the G-Man's room a while back. Saturday I finally got it started.
We began with some 1x4s that we cut down to about 46 inches long.

Then I attached them to the wall with Liquid Nails (I used a 16" long piece to space them out evenly around the room).
As you can see, I've left off the top piece.  We decided that since we're going to repaint the top of the wall too, we'd paint first, then put the top piece of wood up. 
Today it was time to prime...I got some help with that job from my little guy!

Did I mention that I'm also painting all the woodwork in the room white? I don't think I told Hubby that part of my plan. That may land me in the doghouse, since Hubby really likes stained woodwork!
That's about as far as I've gotten for now. Hubby is on his way home with the paint, so as soon as the primer is dry, I'll be getting my paint rollers out!
Stay tuned!